Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Yo, Adrian! I'm 60!"

Happy belated birthday to Sylvester Stallone, who turned 60 on Sunday. Thirty years after Rocky Balboa went the distance against Apollo Creed in the original Rocky, Stallone is climbing back in the ring this December in the sixth installment of the Rocky franchise. Hearing of Stallone's 60th, coupled with the release of Rocky Balboa this winter, I remembered this scene from Airplane II: The Sequel with the Rocky XXXVIII poster in the background. Who knows, maybe Stallone will have the eye of the tiger long enough to keep Rocky around that long.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Run the Quay Race Report

Off and on rain didn't put a damper on my run in this morning's Run the Quay 5k in Fuquay Varina, N.C. My goal going into the race was to set a new personal best 5k time, and I eclipsed my previous personal best in the 5k by 2 minutes, 17 seconds. I finished today's race in 24 minutes, 8 seconds, which placed me eighth out of 27 in my age group.

This morning's race also helped shake me out of a week's worth of complaceny. My training and diet weren't so good this past week, but I felt some extra motivation after the race. I'm thinking I need to mix some local 5k and 10k races every so often into my training to keep a target out there and keep my training fresh.